Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada

Dirección: 2637 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy STE 100, Henderson, NV 89052.
Teléfono: 027160908.
Página web: hwgcounseling.com.
Especialidades: Asesor, Consejero familiar, Life coach, Consejero matrimonial, Servicio de salud mental, Nutricionista, Psicoterapeuta.
Otros datos de interés: Se identifica como mujer empresaria, Se identifica como propiedad asiática, Ofrece asistencia en otros idiomas, Entrada accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Espacio accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Estacionamiento accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitarios accesibles para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitario, Sanitarios unisex, Amigable con LGBTQ+, Espacio seguro para personas transgénero, Se requiere una cita, Acepta pacientes nuevos, Se recomienda concertar cita.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 11 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 4.4/5.

Ubicación de Healing with Grace Counseling Center

Healing with Grace Counseling Center 2637 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy STE 100, Henderson, NV 89052

Horario de Healing with Grace Counseling Center

  • Lunes: 8 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Martes: 8 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Miércoles: 8 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Jueves: 8 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Viernes: 8 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Sábado: 9 a.m.–7 p.m.
  • Domingo: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Healing with Grace Counseling Center es un centro de terapia y asesoramiento ubicado en Henderson, Nevada. Con una calificación promedio de 4.4/5 estrellas y 11 opiniones en Google My Business, este centro se ha ganado una sólida reputación en la comunidad.

El centro está dirigido por una mujer empresaria asiática que se enorgullece de ofrecer asistencia en varios idiomas. El equipo de profesionales altamente capacitados está compuesto por asesores, consejeros familiares, life coaches, consejeros matrimoniales, especialistas en salud mental, nutricionistas y psicoterapeutas.

La ubicación del centro es accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, con entrada, espacio y estacionamiento especialmente diseñados para su comodidad. Además, cuenta con baños accesibles y un baño unisex. El centro es conocido por ser un espacio amigable con la comunidad LGBTQ+ y un entorno seguro para personas transgénero.

Healing with Grace Counseling Center ofrece una variedad de servicios especializados, como asesoría individual y terapia de grupo. El centro acepta pacientes nuevos y recomienda programar una cita con anticipación.

Opiniones de Healing with Grace Counseling Center

Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada
Gia Ford

Because I am
A public figure I used a new gmail account to write this review. My therapist was Dr. Monique.
Now I am African American and it’s sad to say, but most black people don’t go see therapist, well at least not where I am from, it takes a lot for us to go. And indeed I did go through enough to seek help with healing. Dr. Monique was the perfect match for me. She was very honest and told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. Gave a great listening ear, and advice. I’d be at home recapping on advice she gave me in stressful situation and they always help! I’m feeling a little better mentally and emotionally and it’s only been a few months, I’m Continuing my sessions on a weekly basis as long as my finances allow because it’s really beneficial. I recommend dr Monique to anyone who’s seeking a realistic therapist rather someone who just wants someone to listen. She gives great advice and also checks in with me through out the weeks when we don’t speak.

Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada
Ashley Cameron

Rachel is wonderful! she is patient and respectful, but also guides the questions and the conversations to a practical and useful direction, so our sessions are very effective! My husband and I have been seeing her for a couple of months now, and we're very happy with how it's going!

Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada
scott knudsen

I recently completed a Mindfulness & Meditation course through Healing with Grace and was very impressed by the experience from start to finish. The staff is professional, compassionate and highly knowledgable. Most importantly they displayed the ability to translate unfamiliar subject matter into terms a newcomer can easily understand. Highly recommended!

Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada
Lauren Kunkel

Monique is horrible, very unprofessional, and should not be working as a counselor when she has zero communication skills and terrible people skills. We drove 45 minutes across town for our appointment. Had to schedule sitters for our children and everything. My fiancé doesn’t have a phone attached to his hip and rarely answers on his days off. Since when was answering confirmation phone calls the morning of your appointment common practice? And if you don’t answer, you’re considered cancelled We showed up to our appointment and she did not, stating that because we did not confirm the morning of she wasn’t coming. Maybe you need to work on your communication skills and let your clients know that if they don’t confirm you won’t show up. Psychology 101-communication.
Wow. So glad you didn’t show up because apparently you have your expertise a little confused and would have done nothing but wasted our time. Thanks to you we now will be seeing one of the top rated counselors in Las Vegas and are very happy we turned elsewhere. Good luck in your future endeavors and hopefully you will learn how to operate and conduct yourself in a more professional manner.

Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada
Steven Giles

I've had a great experience seeing Dr. Monique Martinez-Quiros. It was recommended I see a therapist to help me deal with some challenges I was experiencing and I've been pleasantly surprised by the results. Dr. Monique has made me feel comfortable and has helped me realize how to help myself be a better person. I would highly recommend Dr. Monique and Healing with Grace Counseling Center.

Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada
Rashieda Shabazz

Robert Allen possesses the masterful combination of empathy, effective communication, passion and practical application. It is impossible to be in his presence and not come out better. His approach to therapy and helping others is to explore the greatness which lies in each individual. Having had the privilege of sharing a space of leadership in the human service field, I can attest to his unwavering desire to be of matchless service to all he reaches and his hunger for knowledge to remain effective and relevant.
For a multitude of reasons, I and countless others are overjoyed by the gift of his presence and the light he shines in the community.

Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada

Did not work with Kana, it was the other therapist that is here. She let my partner yell continuously during the session. Barely went into and verifying what was being said and took everything my partner said as complete fact. Made weird faces at me whenever I tried to talk and it was also very hard to speak given that she just let my partner yell and be angry which made the atmosphere extremely negatively charged.

Very vague in giving advice as to what to do especially regarding my partner at the time. I felt like I was being seen like the 'bad guy' obviously since she took one side pretty much the entire time. Not enough time was taken to address the reality of the situation and didn't even say anything about an additional session, all in all it felt like she just wanted to zip through the session, didn't listen and evaluate attentively and empathically. No intuition. Very disappointing.

Healing with Grace Counseling Center - Henderson, Nevada
Veronica Pena

Healing with grace counseling has very welcoming and relaxing rooms, all the staff I’ve encountered are friendly and ready to help. Makes me feel right at home! 10 out of 10 would recommend this place to anyone searching for a light In the storm.